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Community Support

Stan Tours Ltd (TZ) and Aid into Africa (UK) have joined forces with the sole purpose of providing the means for good causes world-wide, charities, churches, colleges and universities so they can raise the funds to help the less fortunate people there are in this world they support.

Family Support

Climbing For A Brighter Future project is also aiming to help feed the many thousands of orphans and street children there are in the Kilimanjaro region and Dar-es-Salaam. Our end goal being to open the very first of it’s kind Food Banks in the said areas.

Since 1996 Aid into Africa (UK) has donated some 350 tons of educational and medical aid for the less fortunate children of Kenya & Tanzania. With one of the biggest obstacles being the raising of the needed funds to accomplish our goals. It was back in 2004 whilst being a Management Consultant for the Protea Hotel Aishi Machame situated on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro with the spectacular views of Kilimanjaro from the grounds of the hotel that it became very clear that this mammoth piece of rock holds the key to enable good causes world-wide the means to raise the funds via sponsorship to help them with their worthy projects they support.

Seeing this project is unique it’s solely focused on about helping others in this world and because Aid into Africa have a great deal of credibility in Tanzania the likes of the hotel Aishi Machame, Stan Tours are wishing to get involved. With also some of Tanzania’s finest climbing crews having come forward for this worthy project, with all this support and interest Climbing For A Brighter is priced accordingly. We feel extremely confident that our project here in Tanzania will not be beaten on price and quality of service.

Regardless to what good cause you are climbing to the Roof of Africa for you will also have the knowledge of knowing that at the same time you will also be helping the less fortunate children of Tanzania from your efforts.

In brief it’s an 8-night stay in Tanzania you will be staying 3 nights at one of Kilimanjaros finest hotels plus 5 nights on Mount Kilimanjaro. A visit to the spectacular Makoa Waterfalls along with a visit to Moshi Town taking in the local market and a visit to a local orphanage. For a far better understanding then simply visit the following pages and should you have any questions then simply contact us through our website or e-mail  

Stan Tours & Aid into Africa being part of a solution

40,000 children die everyday from malnutrition, starvation and hunger related diseases this is a staggering death of a child every 5 seconds. Eradicating starvation here in Tanzania and around the world is a mammoth task but we feel that our project Climbing For A Brighter Future will be part of a solution.

For every person taking on this climb Stan Tours & Aid into Africa will donate $100 that will be turned into food for the less fortunate children of Tanzania

Alan R Cable

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Managing Director

I wish you could have grown up the way I did, in a village with no tapwater, no bath tubs, no cars around. Walking…

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Operation Manager

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